The MS Design Story

It all started with Max Streich when manufactured a brushed stainless steel and solid wood top table for his own home. His friends and family were so impressed that they encouraged Max to pursue it as a small business. From there, MS Design has produced numerous quality furniture pieces with the signature brushed stainless steel structure. The business has been growing strongly and new types of furniture pieces has recently been added to the portfolio due to high demand.

What makes MS Design furniture pieces so unique?

Every piece of furniture is manufactured from industrial grade brushed stainless steel, finished with solid quality wood to give you a timeless addition to you home. With the stylish and bold mix of steel and wood, it provides you with an open canvas to add decor fitting your unique taste and interior space.

We do not sell ready-made pieces; every piece of furniture we manufacture is made to order. That makes your furniture piece truly unique. Add to the fact that we offer more than 40 different types of wood finishes, and you can even further distinguish your MS Design furniture piece as one-of-a-kind!

All pieces are handmade, so no automated machine-manufactured process used. We are passionate about what we do - and it shows in the precision with which our furniture are made.